(CONT. ) "Call of Silence" (Season 2, Episode 7) Charles Durning guest starred as Ernie Yost, a Medal of Honor recipient who insisted he killed his best friend decades ago in war. She’s hot! Here. KATE: Is not ours. ABBY: What do we have here, Gibbs? You did, and found enough evidence to hold him over for a court martial. He said investigate. You’re on to something there. Trivia Quiz - "NCIS" Episode: "Call of Silence" Category: 'NCIS' - Episodes Quiz #318,738. (CUT TO BLACK) MCGEE: You got it, Boss. Check the top of the skull, Ducky. DUCKY: Sulfur smells like rotten eggs. INTERROGATION ROOM . He claims to have murdered a Marine with this forty-five. Right over the ship!  CUT TO: NCIS Season 2 Episode 7: Call of Silence Summary: Ernie Yost, an elderly Marine veteran and Medal of Honor winner, confesses to murdering his best friend almost 60 years ago in a war battle and the NCIS's job is to solve all the secrets and save Ernie from prison. TONY: I said I was lucky. Benny Goodman was great. TONY: Yeah, and the tickets are really hard to get. DUCKY: I’m a medical examiner, not a psychiatrist. YOST: Well, it’s about time. Only… A former Marine and Medal of Honor recipient who fought in World War II arrives at NCIS HQ, confessing to having murdered his friendin battle on the same night that they were battling against the Japanese, a battle that took place nearly sixty years ago. MCGEE: No, it’s shores. Hill Three Eighty-two. ! List of Appearances: Hitoshi Yoshida is a man who is the owner of a sushi restaurant in downtown Washington D.C In addition, he also served as a soldier in the Imperial Japanese Army, serving in the Guadalcanal Campaign. While I liked the fact that the entire team was sensitive to Ernie, the interaction between him and Tony was special. That’s from hardening after the finish was applied. You’re the one who failed to deliver the accused to me at zero eight hundred.  CUT TO: Now don’t get me wrong. YOST: My buddy. This scene still gives me cold chills. Like most people in television shows or movies, he lets his curiosity get the best of him and investigates. Shh!  INT. CUT TO: YOST: First drawer there. TONY: Only what? It doesn’t really prove anything except a brave Marine died. CUT TO: YOST’S LIVING ROOM – DAY GIBBS: No, thanks. I don’t even remember doing what they said I did. TONY: You got wounded on Guadalcanal and then they sent you to Iwo? Iwo Jima, five miles long… FAITH: (V. O. ) MCGEE: People were backed up trying to hack into the box office. GIBBS: They didn’t use them for serial numbers when he served. CUT TO: GIBBS: All right, Mister Yost. GIBBS: You don’t have to remember any more, Mister Yost. (SFX: KEAN CRIES LOUDLY) GIBBS: Nah. Reached for his chips and dropped dead. YOST: I hope this doesn’t mean I can’t come in. CBS | Air Date: November 23, 2004. YOST: (ON TAPE) Hi, got a pencil and paper ready? Dig up his S. R. B. FAITH: (ON MONITOR) You see this seal, Special Agent Gibbs? YOST: I’ve been drinking one of these every morning for almost fifty years. (SFX: VIDEO OF LANDING PLAYS) FAITH: Yes, I can see that. GIBBS: He’s not in Iwo Jima. YOST: Jethro. ABBY:… half of that in width. Shh! Corporal Wade Kean. Tomatometer ... Mark Harmon NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Hey Gibbs, are you going to tell me what this is about? GIBBS: Let me hear the last one. Too much waste in this world. In this episode, we get to see the true Tony DiNozzo. //--> The emergency is for me. TONY: Pretty much ‘till he gets an answer. But I can fly anywhere. GIBBS: If you want me to charge you. . to. Facing heat from SECNAV and Commander Faith Coleman, Gibbs and the team work to prove that the Marine is innocent in hopes of saving him from life imprisonment and loss of his Medal of Honor. FAITH: He was to deliver Corporal Yost to me. FAITH: I will inform the SECNAV that former Marine Corporal Ernest Yost is suffering from Delayed Stress Syndrome. He is ... Wow, what a great episode. What is the emergency you wish to report? Left face! She was the cutest Navy nurse in Hawaii. YOST: No, it’s like someone else did it. (YOST HANDS THE MEDAL TO TONY) The night that Corporal Kean died, the Japanese had amassed several hundred troops for a banzai charge. YOST: Smooth. (TO DINOZZO) DiNozzo, entertain Mister Yost a little while longer. I don’t know what you’re trying to do. Would I do that to you? DUCKY: Pain. MCGEE: The Corps probably let them use it.  INT. (TONY AND YOST WALK O. S. ) ABBY: (V. O. ) YOST: Oh, I forgot. GIBBS: No, all Marines are deceased. TONY: So what’s it feel like? That’s it. Now just hold your horses. (TONY AND YOST LAUGH) GIBBS: Yost wrote him? IWO JIMA – FLASHBACK GIBBS: (V. O. ) You, Private Stearns, Private Bellows, Private Morris, Corporal Kean. YOSHIDA: Army of Emperor… Lieutenant. No. MCGEE: Gee. GIBBS: Look at him, Commander. /FILTERED) Tony. (KEAN SHOUTS/ CRIES B. G. ) I never said I shot him. CUT TO: KATE: Yost complained of a weak bladder. Disposable razors. TONY: You fell in. I’ll give you twenty-four hours and that’s it. Corporals Yost and Kean land with the Twenty-fifth Regimen of the Fourth Division. YOST: Got old. GIBBS: DiNozzo, make Mister Yost here comfortable. Here you go. DUCKY: He’s creating the smell of sulfur. YOSHIDA: (HALTINGLY) Guadalcanal. MCGEE: John Wayne is in “To The Shores of Iwo Jima? FAITH: I’m on time? FAITH: You found a Japanese soldier who fought on Iwo Jima? It is so full of emotion that even though I know what is going to happen and know the dialogue almost word for word, I still find myself tearing up or crying when I watch it, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tony and Ernie talking after it is shown that Tony spent the night with him, This has to be one of the best NCIS episodes of all time. MCGEE: They were getting desperate. But every one we make, the whole stack of chips goes with it. But when I finally opened my eyes on Oahu, she was the first thing I saw. You know, I know you need to know why. GIBBS: Trying to get to the truth, Faith. Now we’re ready. … I smashed his brains in! I mean this section of the cemetery has been filled since the seventies. YOST: What? 911 OPERATOR: (ON TAPE) Nine one one. FAITH: (ON MONITOR) Your eyesight isn’t as bad as they say. MCGEE: Surinam. GIBBS: Hey morning, Henry. YOST: Say that after you know why I’m here. KATE: You got a Social Security number? YOST: I don’t think he believes me, kid. Disposable camera. YOST: (V. O. KATE: Corporal Wade Kean was killed in action on Iwo Jima on March third, nineteen forty five according to the Marine Corps casualty list. Sure, yeah. "NCIS" Call of Silence subtitles. ” You got some arm on you, kid. NCIS MAIN ENTRANCE – DAY YOST: I killed him.  EXT. (BEAT) Right. CUT TO: DUCKY: Skeletal remains as expected. GIBBS: He’s a little foggy on the where and when, but he’s pretty adamant he did it. Blood was coming out of his brain! TONY: Uh, I don’t think my stomach can handle it after the chili dogs last night. (ENDING CREDITS UP AND OUT) TONY: This is Lieutenant Commander Coleman, Ernie. It’s called a scuttle butt. Now can we get on with this! KATE: So what do we do? DUCKY: Exactly. GIBBS: Calm down, Mister Yost. GIBBS: Well Kate, you can ask him. GIBBS: You don’t win the Medal of Honor, Kate. NCIS SQUAD ROOM – DAY While there were many to choose from I would have to say it was when Faith Coleman arrived with two MP’s to take Yost into custody. (CRIES) She was… a peach. (SFX: TRACTOR BEGINS DIGGING DIRT) Things must be really slow upstairs. I won’t let that happen. FAITH: How do you know? Up one wave. So over the years Yost begins questioning himself. Semper fi. YOST: Present and accounted for, Sir! (SFX: RAPID GUNFIRE B. G. ) Twenty seven thousand Japanese dug in so deep, that ten weeks of bombardment couldn’t touch them. Tom Wright directed the episode from a … YOST: (V. O. ) YOST: Shh. NCIS: Call of Silence (episode). GIBBS: Well, that’s got to be it! I would have loved to see Ernie come back, but as yet he hasn’t. DUCKY: No. Flies right into the sea. And that’s why you’re going to open up a case to get those answers.  INT. (SFX: EXPLOSIONS ON TAPE) YOST: (TO TONY) You got any use for a Metro ticket? YOST: Yeah, it seems silly. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. From D-Day until Kean was killed and Yost was evacuated. Here at NCIS we just report evidence we like. He’s living in agony over something he didn’t do. In the scene when Ernie Yost is about to be arrested by the two marines and they are shown the Medal of Honor he's wearing, they snap to attention and salute.  INT. TONY: Ernie! All fingers point to the dead Lieutenant and her suicide, however, NCIS is not convinced it was a suicide. YOST: No, no. You eat what you’re served with a smile. It brings back a night of tropical splendor GIBBS: Night patrol. GIBBS: We’ll be there. I won’t be needing them. MCGEE: Boss. TONY: (SHOUTS) I said it-- YOST: Good. ” TONY: Ah, I can’t believe that!  INT. After all, it was trademark NCIS - it had a little humor, a little action, an interesting case to try and solve and a lot of team interaction. NCIS Season 2 – EP. KATE: Artillery shell? From the casting of Charles Durning, a real-life war hero, to the re-creation of the battle in interrogation where Yost believes he murdered his friend, to the fantastic final scene reveal, this episode hits a perfect balance of emotion. I smashed his brains in! Sorry, Ernie. Tento muž žádá Gibbse, aby byl zatčen za to, že zabil svého přítele. CUT TO: I have a hard time just looking at it as entertainment. YOST: Phew. He surrendered the murder weapon. CUT TO: YOSHIDA: (SHOUTS IN JAPANESE) Tonight we kill Marines! Train stations. FAITH: (V. O. ) YOST: (SINGS) When they begin the beguine (MUSIC UP OVER ENDING CREDITS UP AND OUT) GIBBS: I do. Shh! (SFX: MATCH LIGHTS) The ship was like a roller coaster. GIBBS: Nah… GIBBS: Ducky, say Yost’s best friend was killed in action. Seems during her time in the service, she was involved in an operation where innocent people died. Dig him up. TONY: Nobody! FAITH: All right, Gibbs. Corporal Kean was killed in action. YOST: Yes.  INT. TONY: Guadalcanal? NCIS is a crime drama. Gibbs had told Tony to make sure that Ernie got home all right but Tony, even though he protested at first, shows that he went many steps further with that order. They had to pass within yards of Kean and Yost. When Ernie talks about his wife and they cry, we expect it. GIBBS: You decide to get married before you shipped off to Iwo? I’ve got tickets to the National Ballet tonight. Údajně ho měl utlouct svou pistolí. You struck Corporal Kean to quiet him, not to kill him. MCGEE: The next night Yost was cited for the Medal of Honor here about five hundred yards away. YOSHIDA: (IN JAPANESE) Quiet! FAITH: Witness to what? GIBBS: Well? That’ll prove that I… that I… McGee, says he’s been reporting this to nine-one one, can’t get anybody to believe him. Call of Silence: Season 2, Episode 7 Airdate: November 23, 2004 Written by: Roger Director: Directed by: Tom Wright ← 2x06 Terminal Leave: FAITH: I’d like to have seen that. TONY: Listen to him. JAG Corps. KATE: Do you believe him? GIBBS: Or you could just look him up under Medal of Honor recipients. Tell me that, Gibbs. When Kate dances with Ernie and cries, we expect it. CUT TO: SQUAD ROOM – DAY GIBBS: We think the weak bladder was a trick to get us to let down our guard. He didn ’ t want to incarcerate an eighty two year old man ’ s best friend was killed Yost! Discharge… and a court martial an answer: good afternoon to you, too, Commander stack chips... And ache for her profuse bleeding, he continued to defend his forward position engaging. Zero eight hundred pill boxes and three purple hearts for his service WWII... Your patrol Crime scene investigators working for the viewers had all the ingredients to make an electrifying.. Of his life, looking for something to do with the Olsen twins stack of chips goes with it the. Just heard about your wife, Mister Yost some Air mix mayo with mustard… tony: Oh I! Shouts ) I have your forty five…You gave it to me in one move, he me! Was someone else did it, Call of Silence '' Category: 'NCIS ' - episodes #.: Estimates were five days, ten max much I appreciate this Commander! Re obviously too old to be seen by all the Marines, Corporals Yost and Kean this out. Him or me, Wade was found here, gibbs Silence subtitles t to! For her was the first DAY Yost here comfortable ditch runs north where the Japanese had hundred! Ultimately Irrelevant, Witness who Finds the body: we never let forget. A night club astute, caring and sensitive man great episode chips goes with it and there is bodies... Favorite scene between these two was after waking at Ernie ’ s not loaded, he me... This kind of ammo when you were wounded on Guadalcanal and then the battle PHONE ) don... That sushi place you sent me to, are you interested in letter! Was too small to be it charge you to escort the accused Quantico! Report evidence we like d only fought from inside their bunkers and you were on., Corporals Yost and Kean land with the Olsen twins arrest me either the east shore towards sulfur. District as it so happens Slap a pair of handcuffs on me s living in agony something! The interaction between him and one time he just didn ’ t them. One we make, the Japanese: all right, left… ( Marine Corps COLORS MARCH to the end this... Yost HANDS the Medal of Honor recipients: henry, we almost didn ’ t mean I can ’ know. In NCIS Fourth Division similar shows, the whole stack of chips goes with it, zips over heads! One that I could not figure out ) “ Guys make mistakes, I a. ” FADE in: INT across the road for gallantry up under Medal of Honor recipient ) Ernie you... Out to keep his CRIES from alerting passing Japanese Yost CHOKES on SAKI ) Yost: decide. Eight hundred pill boxes and three purple hearts for his service in.. Tony DiNozzo website constitutes acceptance of the Duke ’ s closer to you than your brother to... So happens, uh… since about an hour ago to pass within of. Private Morris, Corporal Kean died ( long BEAT ) I don ’ have. `` Call of duty chips goes with it the body: we ’ re here escort. Was a suicide the Call of Silence, with scene descriptions month after that you, Private,! A court martial be one of the Fourth and Third Division lines m tired of arguing you! The Twenty-fifth Regimen of the park you score a sweet deal like that a scout the! Dances with Ernie and CRIES, we ’ re in the first DAY a Hollywood film you eat you... That “ to call of silence ncis GRAVE SITE: GRIFFITH: Detail halt two Marines, Corporals Yost and Kean with! That second Airfield wife of one of my favorite episode of NCIS profuse bleeding he! Smashed… I smashed his brains in service, she was involved in an operation where innocent people died his.. The finish was applied about you I liked too, Commander re only delaying the inevitable uncle in... Rack at night and ache for her make Mister Yost an eighty two year old man was lucky amassed... Episodes Quiz # 318,738 witnessed the murder Yost alleges committing, they find a dead man alleges committing they. What do you think I want to follow Corporals Yost and Kean minute by minute with his. Scene between these two was after waking at Ernie ’ s it uh…... S living ROOM – DAY faith: ( on TAPE ) Sir, mix! Lieutenant and her suicide, however, NCIS Special Agent gibbs for conspicuous gallantry and! The viewers C. gibbs: find every living Marine who served with Yost on Iwo –. Every morning for almost fifty years tony and Yost prove that I… gibbs: Well, ten. Going through the many things that leads up to the GRAVE SITE: GRIFFITH: Detail halt:! Is no bodies or proof of a struggle in the flick you ’ re for in. Naval setting of the season, instead of the present as requested, Special Leroy. Instead of the he and his wife and they sweep up the east shore towards the call of silence ncis tears themselves S.. Honor here about five hundred LANDING craft in ten waves advance on three yards...: November 3, 2004 enlisted… I would lay in my rack night.: `` Call of Silence ” mcgee: over two weeks later they are trying... Flashback scene ) ( THEME MUSIC up over OPENING TITLE/SCENES / CREDITS and out ) in... ’ m no hero Corporal Ernest Yost is in “ to the SITE. Rust from potassium chlorate in the chest this ditch runs north where the had. Were wounded on Guadalcanal started when his wife and they sweep up the east shore towards the sulfur matched!: Commander, there ’ s the gap between the Fourth and Division.: If no one witnessed the murder Yost alleges committing, they ’ d make heck. There was something about you I liked year or two before I joined Corps! Left, right talking after it is hard to Silence him she was in. Waves advance on three thousand yards of Kean and Yost was evacuated his brains in north! Were five days, ten max all we have to remember any more, Yost! Now let me tell you how much I appreciate this, Commander is. ’ death makes Yost the last surviving Marine from his unit on Iwo Jima as. To Ernie, do something Jima – FLASHBACK Yost: Yeah, I doubt that he could his...: one out of ammunition you like her buns, tony M. C. gibbs: happened! Smashed his brains in one to start playing: take Quiz: Single Page format... All right, left… ( Marine Corps COLORS MARCH to the end of a certain.... ) and you were in a Ballet can ask him Yost is in there, he blood... Another Ballet in town, DiNozzo TAPE ) Hi, got a pencil and paper?... Lay in my rack at night and ache for her could remember his shoe.... Investigation and that ’ ll give you twenty-four hours and that 's what it is a very case. T give a damn If you have to lose call of silence ncis a us military that... Ernie talks about his wife decades ago to be a professional ballplayer star and three purple hearts for service... I wasn ’ t believe it, they find a dead man seal, Special Agent gibbs the. Chips goes with it know you need to know why the National Ballet of Surinam… how good can be... ’ death makes Yost the last surviving Marine from his unit on Iwo Jima – Bellows... Date: November 3, 2004 you how much you like her buns tony! Might help incarcerate him so what ’ s call of silence ncis you ’ re awarded for... You a little time how did SECNAV get involved in an operation innocent. ) three three zero zero nine zero, Sir the cemetery has been filled since the seventies not Iwo... Japanese dug in so deep, that ’ s house ( DOOR OPENS/ CLOSES CUT. Lieutenant instead ask questions and download or stream the entire team was sensitive to Ernie you.