Moose are believed to have arrived there around the turn of the 20th Century, while wolves likely crossed ice … Heard on All Things Considered. Isle Royale National Park in Michigan is a wild, remote island in Lake Superior that serves as a natural refuge for wildlife, including its most famous residents: wolves and moose. The fluctuation of population is directly connected to the vegetation and predators of the island. The moose population of Isle Royale has fluctuated over the years. Changes in nature often take many years to be noticed, but with 15 wolves now on the ground at Isle Royale National Park – up from two just a year ago – we are already seeing benefits. Since 1980, the population has been as low as 500 animals and as high as 2,400. A couple of years ago they were down to just 2 wolves left - a father and daughter. ... And we took a trip last August to Lake Superior to Isle Royale to try to find Moose Boulder. Isle Royale is in Michigan but it is a National Park. A moose fitted with a transmitting collar stands on Isle Royale during last winter's annual survey of moose and wolves on the island. Michigan Tech researchers have been studying wolves and moose on Isle Royale National Park for more than 50 years. Isle Royale has offered many discoveries… how wolves affect populations of their prey, how population health is affected by inbreeding and genetics, what moose teeth can tell us about long-term trends in air pollution, how ravens give wolves a reason to live in packs, why wolves don’t always eat all the food that they kill, and more. ... the estimated abundance of moose decreased from 2,020 to 1,876. The Michigan Tech team’s moose census, also based on aerial observations, estimated the population at … The plan calls for 20 to 30 wolves to be taken to Isle Royale over three to five years, but the coronavirus pandemic has put additional relocations on hold, spokeswoman Liz Valencia said. Ninety-nine percent of Isle Royale is designated as a federal wilderness area and as the island’s top predator, wolves are essential to controlling the island’s moose population. DICKEY: To get to Isle Royale… Isle Royale consists of one island 45 miles long and hundreds of smaller ones. Photo courtesy of the Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale group and Michigan Technological University. March 13, 2020 4:15 PM ET. In this 2020 photo photo provided by Michigan Technological University, one of twenty-five moose that were collared during the 62nd year of the Michigan Technological University Winter Study of Isle Royale National Park is seen on Isle Royale, Mich. (Sarah Hoy/Michigan Technological University via … Isle Royale is a six-hour ferry ride from the port in Houghton, a small city on the Upper Peninsula.