Check out our wide range of free ESL activities for kids and fun classroom English ideas for teachers that cover reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, conversation and more. Classroom Scrabble Activity This classroom English activity is based on the classic board game called Scrabble, once you've made the tiles it's a really simple and fun ESL game to play. An incredibly effective way to teach English numbers is through playing games. Other ESL Classroom Games and Practice. ... Classic Board Games for the English Classroom Scrabble Taboo Bingo Bananagrams Scattergories Balderdash Activate Make Your Own! google_ad_height = 90; Enjoy interactive games, classroom activities, printable worksheets and more! Print instantly or save to PDF: Student selectors, group makers, timers, and more: Designed for the classroom. ESL games are an important, almost vital, part of the ESL classroom. classroom, and what better way to be active than by playing games (Steve Sugar.1998.p. 0000010789 00000 n Find an activity you like and help your students enjoy learning English! 0000004602 00000 n The game tests students’ knowledge of adjectives regarding physical appearance, verbal phrases to explain hobbies and clothing items, among other things.For lower level classes, start with some review of vocabulary in the categories of jobs, clothing items and activities. Step Five: Players then use the word to make a true sentence This is an excellent all-purpose communicative activity for big ESL classes. On this page you can find 10 incredibly fun games with numbers that you can use in your class to teach English numbers to kids. 0000006778 00000 n //-->. Turn a test into a game suggests a team or board game to review for a test.