Free World Maps from the CIA Factbook Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Geography Database (GSHHG) is a high-resolution geography data set, amalgamated from two databases: World Vector Shorelines (WVS) and CIA World Data Bank II (WDBII). GIS Books We assume no liability or responsibility for errors or inaccuracies. Today, four out of … Ocean coastline, including major islands. The shapefile dataset is provided by Environmental Research Institution, Inc. (ESRI) as data distribution with their software. Kia ora GIS enthusiast. Otherwise, I agree with you considering the one-lined file, it must definitely come from this, as Postgis is certainly implemented differently from the … You are free to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt our data, as long as you credit and Mining Companies & Commodities. is an independent firm Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. The geological map of the Canaries needed to be manually spatially adjusted to its correct position, which was done based on the global shoreline data set Wessel and Smith, 1996]. Download free New Zealand Shapefile – country boundary line, polygon, coastline regions. By the time Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary of confederation in 2017, the completed Trail—built by volunteers—will total 23,000 kilometers and link more than 1,000 communities. Terrorism Maps Climate Change Maps Wireless Dangers Download Zip Code with Demographics Shapefiles, Download U.S. It has now been a little over 3 years since Natural Resources Canada released CanVec, a national coast to coast to coast spatial dataset at 1:50,000 or better nominal scale.In the interverning time there have been several updates, we now sit at Edition 6, and there are scheduled updates every 6 months, indefinitely. War Maps We will use gridded dataset ANUSPLIN meteorological data. Purpose: This ArcView shapefile may be used as a general basemap data layer to illustrate the boundaries of Canada and it's coastline. Data Sources In 1499 and 1500, Portuguese mariners João Fernandes Lavrador and Pêro de Barcelos explored and mapped the coast, the former's name appearing as "Labrador" on … Yes folks, we recommend that you use Statistics Canada's 2016 cartographic boundary shapefile for provinces/territories. These ArcGIS shapefiles are derived from GPS Resources Besides the free GIS maps, software, tutorials and resources that you find at MapCruzin, we also create custom shapefile map layers and projects. Boundary files options. Other Projects Supplemental_Information: This is a subset of the original dataset. Active Exploration Companies.  From shapefiles to Netcdf Mask In this tutorial, we will use shapefiles to create masks over canadian provinces. Home; Contact; Government Home; Department of Natural Resources. World Maps, Environmental Justice Search below and you may find just what you are looking for. Hazardscapes - Toxic and Nuclear Risks in your backyard. Learn more about us and our services. Choose one of the following options. Coastal Characterization - Original Points This is a point file which indicates the shoreline characterization approxmately evey 200m along the Newfoundland coastline. EEA coastline - Polygon; INSPIRE - Polyline; INSPIRE - Polygon; Maps and graphs; Interactive maps; Indicators; Data providers and partners; European data centres; Data visualisations; Dashboards; Follow us. Right-To-Know or Left to Wonder? Data Research & GIS Specialist. In the PBGB study area, fourteen EBSAs were identified in two different categories: seven … Download School District Shapefiles. … Find: Maps, Shapefiles, GIS Software & More, MapCruzin Blog for updates, questions and answers The NAD27 legal description for Licences, Sectors, Call for Bids Parcels, and Land Tenure Regions should be used for the most accurate representation. Toxic Klamath River If you are new to GIS and shapefiles, check here to learn more. ArcGIS ® … A variety of free GIS applications are available online, including Grass GIS and Quantum GIS. MapCruzin is a Pop-Up Free Website -- Best Viewed With ANY Browser, Please contact me if you have a project in mind, Google Earth Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Maps, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ANWR Maps, Renewable Energy Potential Maps of the United States, Library of Congress American Memory Map Downloads, Cookies, Privacy, Fair Use and Disclaimer. When the filetype is KML or KMZ, an easy way to view the regions is using Google Earth. and by commodity. It is searchable by company, status of the development (i.e. Of these, elevation data are available for any location of the globe and are very effective in … If you have data, GIS project or custom shapefile needs contact Mike. Trade Secrets/Toxic Deception Globalization/Democracy 1999 Archive Environews Download Free Canada Newfoundland & Labrador ArcGIS GIS Shapefile Map Layers--Free ArcGIS GIS Shapefiles --World ArcGIS GIS Shapefiles. Streams & Rivers Shapefiles, Download Indian & Federal Land Shapefiles. Labrador's coast borders the Labrador Sea, a part of the Atlantic Ocean. As a matter of fact, I don't think that it is coming from a memory limitation because the Europe_coastline_poly.shx of the same folder has almost the same size and doesn't produce the crash on Postgis (it really crashes, dark screen and all the stuff). 21st Century Warfare The … have been online ever since. Creating Living Economies Also, you can use our free Learn2Map Tutorial & Atlas and included free software. Remember: the archive not only the.shp file. It is the first of a series aiming to provide an oceanographic knowledge baseline of the Coast of Bays.This dataset consists of GIS products and analyses summarized in a spreadsheet. These GIS data products are downloadable FREE for client use. They are made available here by MapCruzin. We created the first U.S. based Canada Shapefile download free adminstrative boundary line, shapefile of canada province and territories, shapefile of Ontario, shapefile of Alberta, shapefile of British Columbia. specializing in GIS project development and data research. Worst Case Scenarios: Terrorism & industrial chemicals. Skip to content. EnviroRisk Map Network Greenwash & JunkScience Redwood Coast Information Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. The Antarctica coast derives from NASA Mosaic of Antarctica. Extreme Weather & Disaster Maps The Cabot Strait separates Newfoundland from … Thank You. As shapefiles are updated, they will be made available here for download. Email me and I'll find it for you. Google Maps Newfoundland And La... North America; Northern Hemisphere; Northwest Territories; Nova Scotia; Nunavut; Ontario; Prince Edward Island; Quebec; Saskatchewan; TRANSPORTATION; bathymetric; hydrography; national parks; planimetry; Data and Resources. Disease Outbreak Maps The Caspian Sea, which is technically a lake, is included. [26] The geometry of the shapefiles of some of the maps was corrupted, e.g., with “self … Shapefile is the type of GIS Vector format which … Disclaimer: Shapefiles are for illustrative purposes only. Didn't find what you are looking for? Newfoundland and Labrador Electoral Boundaries Commission Contact Email: Geographical Coverage: Newfoundland and Labrador Description: Polygons and line shapefiles for the final version of the proposed electoral boundaries. (below) Yucatan … Michael R. Meuser Shapefiles. Largest scale when displaying the data: 1:50,000. The Strait of Belle Isle connects the Gulf of St. Lawrence with the Labrador Sea and is the narrowest channel separating Newfoundland from mainland Canada. Format . Language English French. Canada is the second largest country in the world slightly bigger then United … Library of Congress American Memory Map Downloads Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ANWR Maps For a presumably unlimited time, the United States of America also has cartographic boundary shapefiles that include all states plus Guam, Puerto Rico, the … Weather Maps Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have produced daily precipitation, minimum and maximum temperature across Canada (south of 60°N) for climate related application purpose using thin-plate smoothing splines, as … interactive toxic chemical facility This dataset was compiled as part of a multiyear effort lead by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to support sustainable aquaculture regulation in the Coast of Bays, an area of the south coast of Newfoundland. … Open a new script editor window, and enter the following: theView = av.GetProject.FindDoc("