This is an error most wordpress starters face and on this tutorial we will walk you through on how to fix the Facebook incorrect thumbnail issue on WordPress. The most common known reasons why Facebook pull a wrong thumbnail image when you share a link can be because of multiple images set in the open graph Image tags where your featured image is smaller than the other images. I created Toomakesense with the goal & passion of helping as many internet marketers, bloggers and non-tech savvy’s as i can. Optimizing Your Live Streaming Thumbnail Video on a Facebook Page. The full list of image properties can be found here. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Open Graph tags on your website provide Facebook with the content it needs to fill a link preview. Then, click the “Scrape Again” button that appears beneath the Warnings section. 2) An image from a slideshow. Why Facebook Shows the Wrong Thumbnail Image. To reposition your profile picture: ... Use the scale at the bottom to zoom in and out, and drag the image to move it around. Yaay, let go! No Images: If no images are used in your post, we will recommend a transparent image. There are several reasons why Facebook picks the wrong thumbnail for your post. Facebook announced on June 28 2017, you will no longer be able to customize link metadata (i.e. The videos tab is where Facebook puts your videos and your Facebook Live broadcasts. Always try refreshing the Facebook page if image thumbnail not working. The og:image tag can be used to specify the URL of the image that appears when someone shares the content to Facebook. You go to Facebook, drop in your fancy link to test and it looks good. If you have added the right thumbnail, and Facebook is still not showing the right thumbnail, then the issue … Simple elegant tools. I know what you’re thinking: Why is the mobile image bigger than the Desktop News Feed? There are many ways to update Open Graph tags. A simple tool that allows you to download the image thumbnail of any YouTube video by entering the URL of the video. Facebook works with Open Graph (og) tags to know which image … You might have noticed an incorrect post thumbnail when you share your article links on Facebook. The thumbnail image in a video ad is the still image that people see before a video starts and after it ends. On a desktop, dimensions should be 180 x 180 … Create an account or log into Facebook. Facebook Link Thumbnail Image Dimensions When sharing your web site or blog on Facebook you want your post to look as good as possible to help with engagement. Facebook link thumbnail image sizes. A play button is shown over the image, which cannot be removed or customised. Next, go to your post page on the right sidebar of your post edit page, locate Rank Math >> Social right there you will see the social media preview tool now click on Preview and Edit Social Media and you’ll see options to add your preferred featured image for Facebook (Recommended size for upload is 1200 pixels wide and 630 pixels tall) right there you can also edit how you want your descriptions and title to appear when you share them on Facebook. This is similar to watching a movie with the … Changing the Thumbnail of your Facebook … You have the option to allow Facebook to dynamically choose up to three thumbnail images for you and deliver the best one to each user. We have always recommend you to use lesser plugins on your wordpress site, this is why we write more on how to get things done on your wordpress blog manually rather than always using plugin. If the link thumbnail image has an optimal size of 1200 x 627 pixels, Facebook may crawl the link in its first attempt. While you can still choose which pulled-in image becomes the preview, you’ll no longer be able to edit the link thumbnail image, title, or … Changing your Facebook live thumbnail image is actually easiest on a page! When you share any blog or article on Facebook page, you can see the thumbnail added by Facebook. When you're done, click Save. Desktop news feed; Mobile; Sidebar; Aspect ratios. You may need to click the “Scrape Again” button twice. Try to keep your images as close to 1.91:1 aspect ratio as possible to display the full image in News Feed without any cropping. The minimum image size is 200 x 200 pixels. Facebook also picks up certain images from within the video by default, for you to choose from for the thumbnail. If a link thumbnail, title, or description doesn’t appear when you paste a link on Facebook, it’s because those tags weren’t properly created. Is has to be an image that draws attention and that shows what the users will see if they watch the video. If you do not know how to get through this settings, there are great plugins for this purpose. We’ve also redesigned link page posts so that the aspect ratio for images is the same across desktop and mobile News Feed. If that doesn't work, try Facebook … You can see all the Open Graph tags that begin with “og:”. Use our online image resizer tool to generate exact standard file sizes and resize image for Facebook profile picture, create a facebook cover with Facebook cover photo size, post image sizes for timeline and sharing post with thumbnail … So the next best image size to use is 600 x 315. We recommend to Facebook which images we think should be displayed. This Facebook Profile Picture size is perfectly fit for Facebook Profiles. Here is how to edit a thumbnail on a video that you have uploaded to your personal page. You go back to your post, make a few final tweaks and decide to change up the image. I use a WordPress … Once a post or page has been shared on Facebook, the images have been stored in a cache on their server for future shares. This time period is unpredictable, but can be days or weeks. My name is Kings Chukwuebuka Amalaego. Now, you can see for some of them, I’ve already added a thumbnail and some of them I haven’t. Here you can see that I have downloaded a video, so let’s say I want to change the thumbnail that is appearing right there on that video. Once the debug tool shows the updated images and information on your post or page, try sharing it on Facebook again. To do this, open a new tab on your browser and type when you are done clicking on the debug it should come up with list of problems to fix on your website. To get started, you need to install and activate Rank Math SEO plugin. And sometimes Facebook get to  pull a wrong image on my blog to represent the image thumbnail and at a point i thought maybe i forgot to add featured image on my post until i realize i was doing something wrong. If your image is smaller than 600 x 315 px, it will still display in the link page post, but the size will be much smaller. Now the Featured Image will be the Facebook link preview thumbnail. The second reason would be due to no mobile sidebar. Facebook uses open graph tags which is better known as OG tags to know which image is set to be used as a thumbnail image. A Facebook video thumbnail image has a default size. This time period is unpredictable, but can be … Image aspect ratios can be difficult to understand. But why upload thumbnail image on your wordpress blog when you can simply use a plugin? If you already have an OG tag set, other things that also causes this issue of wrong thumbnail image on Facebook is wordpress caching issue, CDN or some new plugin (s) you installed causing conflicts on your blog. Allow Facebook to dynamically choose up to three thumbnail images from the video and deliver the best one to each user. Images can be up to 8MB in size. Resize your desire image using this Facebook Profile Picture Resizer. If you try to share post on your Facebook page and it misses the thumbnail, just click on the Add Image box to upload the image of your choice, and select it as the thumbnail of your post this is preferably done on PC or Facebook main app. Graph API, Video Thumbnails. The thumbnail version of your Facebook profile picture is the smaller version that people see next to your name. When you share a post or page from your site on Facebook using the share button or Publicize feature, you’ll see that Facebook selects a thumbnail image from your page to display with your link. Facebook doesn’t look at the page again for new images until their cache expires. Once a post or page has been shared on Facebook, the images have been stored in a cache on their server for future shares. Although in some cases, Facebook may continue to show the previous image even after replacing the thumbnail, so if that happens try the next step. Facebook doesn’t look at the page again for new images until their cache expires. If you want to learn how to use the Graph API, read our Using Graph API guide. Transcript: Okay. We decided on an optimised250 x 250 pixel PNG image. Once you've chosen an app & installed it on your page, you should definitely change out the thumbnail image so it looks consistent with your branding & entices fans to click it. The image Facebook selects for other posts and pages depends on where and how you have uploaded images to your blog, as follows: Featured image: if a featured image has been uploaded for a post/page, we will recommend to Facebook that this image be used as a first priority. Secondly, include a line similar to the one below, into the HEAD section of your website HTML. We’ve done some extensive testing and found that despite what Facebook says in its best practices for sharing , an image smaller than 600 x 315 didn’t show any preview image. First create and upload a thumbnail image to your website. It’s just part of my process and I suggest you get into the … Social Plugins – Some premium social plugins have the feature of declaring which image to use as the Facebook share preview too. 4) Any other image in the post that is hosted on the site. Each thumbnail variation includes an automatically selected image from your video and applies slight adjustments. There are a couple of different things you can change here: Zoom - Click and drag the slider at the bottom of the … But most leave the generic Facebook app image… Such as this one here where the random image is a half shot of my eyes, luckily I did some winged eyeliner for that day! If you where unable to fix your WordPress thumbnail issue manually then we have to use the tool that Facebook created for this purpose, it is called Facebook debug tool. [xml]