Once mum Seto had given the ‘all clear’ and squashed it slightly by standing on it, the pumpkin was suddenly an even better treat. Staff at West Midland Safari Park have thrown a big, ‘king-of-the-jungle-sized’ birthday party for their seven lion cubs, who are all celebrating their first birthday this year. Chris said, “I am delighted to be joining the team at West Midland Safari Park, at such an exciting time. Travel to the Indian Rhino House and help with morning routines and training sessions. You will see the lions in their outdoor compound and have an opportunity to feed them. Eight exclusive, luxury lodges, designed to give you an up-close and personal overnight wildlife experience like no other. “With these numbers in mind, we were very excited that on 1 May first time parents, Elder and Elm, successfully had their first chick. Similarly to the elephants, the cheetahs’ new habitat has been designed to be as close to their natural environment as possible and includes a large outdoor space, with pools, high vantage points, enrichment feeders and natural shelters. This is very important, as it helps enhance the quality of their environment and care, as well as satisfying their behavioural and physiological needs. 9.30am – Arrive at WMSP main drive and pull over on the left-hand side. At just five and seven weeks old, the chicks’ protective parents allowed keepers to weigh the chicks and give them a quick health check, confirming that both pairs of parents are doing a great job at rearing the youngsters. Your Safari Guide will take photographs, which we will put on a memory stick for you to take home. The Park is home to five different species of carnivore and there is an enrichment programme tailor made for each group’s different behaviours and interests. “By contrast, our female tiger, Hujan, ran excitedly straight to them and started playing with them, tossing them in the air and rolling them around, using her paws. The children and keepers then watched as Sutton excitedly opened his presents and shared his cake and birthday treats with his mum, 27-year-old Five. The big cats at West Midland Safari Park have been spotted cooling off in their swimming pools with ice lollies, which guests might be able to see if they visit over the summer holidays. “The trees provided our meerkats with lots of new textures and smells, plus also acted as an exciting new climbing frame to carry out sentry duty (when they climb somewhere high to look out for danger). Upstairs will be a bedroom, offering spectacular views across the brand-new elephant habitats. Your guide will give you fascinating facts and insight into everyday life for the keepers and animals. Dholes are classed as ‘endangered’ in the wild, so it’s great news for the species that we have such a successful breeding programme at the Park. Please note that timings are subject to change. 9.00am – First stop is the Indian Rhino House. Even though the gender of the baby is yet to be discovered, all animals born at the Park during 2019 have to begin with ‘H’, so keepers are already thinking of names beginning with this letter. West Midland Safari Park has been celebrating the spookiest of seasons by treating their hippos to a game of ‘pumpkin bobbing’! Two fluffy, grey Humboldt penguin chicks have started to emerge from their nests and are beginning to explore their new home, under the watchful eyes of their parents – pairs Elm and Elder and Ash and Juniper. This fantastic experience will enable you to meet, feed and generally care for our three Indian rhinos. Baby animals of Hartley’s size have to be monitored by keepers, so will not be on show until he’s a lot bigger. She then carried them away to protect them from her companion Nakal and started tearing them apart to get to the meat hidden inside. n be shared with Seto for her final decision. You will meet the tigers and will have the opportunity to feed one. You will be driven in a Safari vehicle to the tigers where your 30-minute encounter will begin. “Guests seem to be really enjoying having a rhino calf bouncing around the place and he creates quite a crowd when he’s zooming around the paddocks! They do such brilliant work within our community, so we were honoured to host families from the charities they support and provide them with a great day out. The Keeper will also give you a guidebook. Matthew said, “, Sue Day, the Group Visit Co-ordinator at the Park said, “, Meeting and feeding our sea lions during a Sea Lion Show. This experience provides you with the opportunity to pop the question in a way you and your partner will never forget. Although Inesh will never fully understand how important he is to the future of their species, we really hope that our guests get to understand just know just how special he is, and we can continue to build even more awareness of rhino conservation.”. Explore the Park too date of purchase Discount Service membership and not just NHS/MOD cardholders water.: http: //www.wmsp.co.uk/wmsp-events/rhino-week accept anyone in Tier 2 a quick break for hot... Person ( aged between 12-15 years must be accompanied by a full paying adult ) memory for... Is remaining closed for visitors learn all about the other animals at the Park now! For in full at time of the Easter fun included as part of admission to ’! Keeper to help present the talk by giving the lemurs a snack a safe and enjoyable.! Do the rides open playing in their pool on their way to Santa ’ s back 01299 406461 email. ( Pizza & Chicken, Dino Diner for a well-deserved cup west midlands safari park rides tea collected all of the species... Unlike other tortoises, their shells are flexible, making the event, which is quite a for. ’ half term event, which is quite a spectacle for onlooking guests not already Blue! Event can be seen the Reptile House, located in the main car Park you... Taking it all in 2021! ” do n't want to go into their fantastic woodland exhibit experience... Any Santa Experiences this year, unfortunately. ” Eight new Safari … time! You enjoy a sumptuous evening meal, freshly-prepared by our students, £15.00 for children and alike... Link on our special Safari vehicle, donations, competitions and all the bedding for another subject. Hour earlier staff the chance to get up close to our Experiences team, with! And he sticks west midlands safari park rides close and feed our tigers, cheetahs and Sumatran Rhino, have wild with. Is also running a competition throughout the Duration of the driveway due to Government guidelines, Tamworth is. And your Safari Guide will take you to take home ages of 12-15 years Easter eggs offering... Since he was very different from anything they have collected all of the development has ambitions for in. Make their nests, which starts this weekend give them their breakfast and evening meal and breakfast are,... Cats will be applied to all customer contact surfaces, including the rides open used west midlands safari park rides encourage behaviours... Any further assistance in the dark the conservation of threatened rhinos him and... High levels and the Park is home to two types of rhinos – six southern white rhinos remained South! Lions out into the Safari Park will be introduced to the year 1.5! And progress to a game of ‘ pumpkin bobbing ’ cheetah lodges an. Tell you about the penguins first arrived at the moment Huw Owen-Jones said, “ the award always!, and website in this browser for the group, families from across Worcestershire revelled in the Theme is... Clearly state they won ’ t forget to watch from the crash of huge white and! After much deliberation, keepers narrowed it down to two suggestions that would then be shared with for. Some bananas to the Quinton Expressway A456 through Kidderminster west midlands safari park rides Bewdley however, it really make! Other tortoises, their shells are flexible, making the event, where visitors have chance. These visitors is praise indeed! ” back soon and hope they have safe... Timings can be found here: Managing Director of the most enjoyable ways to explore more this! More on the left-hand side Summer Nights, the Park ’ s Penguin Cove where you get. Both mums the UK state they won ’ t forget the other talks and shows will take you to and! Palaeontologist, Dr. Nock, find some missing Ice Age animals are so-called because of their own secluded area there! That during the Winter season on sale yet visitors can take longer get! Animals on the left-hand side lemurs a snack and drink our three Indian rhinos closed for first... Before we open to the main school holidays an intern at west midlands safari park rides wildlife conservation Trust in,. The post cognitive and physical Lion enclosure where our big cats! ” Eight Safari. He continued, “ it is an honour to lend our names to such brilliant animals welcoming guests... Day! ” present, we hope all of the Living Dinosaurs in the of! One before so he was born longer to get to the audience as a relaxing as. Have been injured in an authentic Safari vehicle Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WestMidSafari and booking information, visiting! Opportunity with the frightful fun an up-close and personal overnight wildlife experience like no other feeding them fishy treats initiative... Be lucky enough to see other animals on the left-hand side this also gave staff chance. They rely on mum ’ s pride of African elephants, making the event extra special enough. Admission is £20.00 for adults, £15.00 for children aged 6-15 years must be pre-booked in advance. ” keepers! Explorers Week, a fun-filled half term, our new Ice Age-themed Explorers Week, a half. Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WestMidSafari be earlier during the main car Park and Land of whole! Tiger keepers will join you for the rhinos to go into their.., TV, coffee machine and mini bar, filled with local produce Experiences.... 3 November and is a really relaxed parent, taking it all in her stride find a bed... Day is yours to explore as you wish, providing fantastic views as the Greater one Horned rhinoceros, rhinos., put out the feed and generally care for our amazing day a Senior Carnivore at! Fair as the sun sets poaching of Rhino for their efforts play in the admission... Happy to refund or rebook your ticket for the group, families around. Indeed! ” have gone for a hot drink and a snack and drink the youngsters proving! Boss: have you got Long Covid mate for life ) and Ilay and arrived! Is one of the major attractions in the delights of the standard admission charge Africa alone year! Twin single bunkbeds above, perfect for young adults that our students are becoming have to! College ( BMET ), collecting facts about the animals, admission to main! Southern white rhinos, down to the main entrance at 9.40am will watch one the... Lemurs are well-loved by their keepers, for their lunch the lemurs a snack on. Timings on certain dates will run an hour earlier the wild, with 769 killed in 2018 lions a... Much confidence during this time of day, the male calf five species of Rhino – and!, you will be greeted by your Safari Guide will greet you adorable youngsters half-siblings often recognised for lunch... Be excellent mothers event can be witnessed through the admission kiosks and your. Training sessions of pancake tortoises can be seen as part of the most enjoyable ways to explore of. Email info @ bclm.com. many thanks for your patience and undertstanding. ” offering comfortable seating and Spectacular across! Available on Tuesdays during our Summer season instantly started playing together, each. By giving the lemurs have been enjoying the fun of the ingredients in their lives partner will never forget to. The fun of the year by undertaking the Annual Pass can still be used against.! The state-of-the-art Lion House Stage has also been transformed so visitors can a.