For example, if someone opens a window monitored by SmartThings, your ecobee can turn off your AC. I’m currently using a different zoning smartapp on my SmartThings but I’m thinking of experimenting with Hubitat. [IDE] Verify that the SmartApp shows up in the list. If not, let me know. * or later). Finally, we must enable OAuth for Ecobee Suite Manager as follows: NOTE: This is the most commonly missed set of steps, but failing to enable OAuth will generate cryptic errors later when you try to use the Suite. ecobee Suite Working From Home is designed to override the thermostat's Program/Climate/Schedule changes if someone is still at home. Without this, I would have had to maintain two different versions of this code base. Because the currently defined Capabilities do not fully expose ALL of the native capabilities of Ecobee thermostats, several additional attributes (states) and commands have been added. "You are not authorized to perform the requested operation. Optimized Smart Recovery handling - Smart Vents not only recognizes when the ES Thermostat is in Smart Recovery, it also "looks ahead" to determine the next scheduled program and is setpoints; if configured to run during the next scheduled program, Smart Vents will adjust the vents until the target setpoint is met. With this release, Smart Mode, Smart Room, Smart Vents and Thermal Comfort all utilize this mechanism; more will be added as required. The Slave will also turn off its fan once the Slave thermostat's temperature reaches the 'Cool To' setpoint. Before this, if two different Helpers wanted to change the Setpoints of a Program (even different Programs) at the same time, the second one could overwrite changes made by the first one. *, Smart Circulation can be configured to disable circulation altogether (sets fanMinOnTime to 0) when the specified (Quiet Time) (real or virtual) Switch is turned off/on. Install SmartThings Minoston Z-Wave Plus 3-Way Smart Switch (2020), How to Update SmartThings Smart Apps | Community Installer (2020), Fix Amazon Alexa Echo will not connect to WiFi Network Issue (2020), Design Tablet Dashboard on a Computer Perfectly | SharpTools (2020), Make your Echo Dot Portable Instantly | Free your Echo! This completes the drivers code loading portion of the Ecobee Suite installation process. Otherwise the steps are a bit more manual but not too complicated. It allows you to install an app (for example Ecobee suite that has 13 apps and 2... Reading time: 53 mins 🕑 … On the SmartThings Classic app, you will also notice that the very bottom row shows a warning, as does the Apps list on the Hubitat Console. Fixes holdEndDate issues during hold transitions; Fixes supportedThermostatModes initialization loophole; Ecobee Suite Thermostaqt, version 1.8.02 . ecobee Suite Smart Zone: Helper application that attempts to synchronize fan on time between two zones. [GitHub] Copy all of the selected text to the Clipboard (use Ctrl-C if using Windows) I recommend that you ONLY adjust the efficiency factor at first. It uses one or more temperature devices, and opens/closes vents based upon current temperature, target temperature and thermostat operating state. This is also used to expose the internal sensors on the Thermostat to allow the actual temperature values (instead of only the average) to also be available. SmartBuildings is subscription-based thermostat management software for commercial and multi-family buildings from ecobee. This collection of applications and device drivers has been designed for simple installation, flexibile configuration options and easy operation. To update manually, you will need to "cut & paste" the raw code from GitHub into the SmartThings IDE, Save and Publish the code. Additionally, specified switches can be turned on/off as part of the Actions. The interface uses dynamic pages to guide the user through the installation process in order simplify the steps as much as possible. One of 'full', 'warn', 'lost', If true, switch to away when no motion detected, Send alert if auxHeat being used above this temp, Send alert if auxHeat runs longer than this number of seconds, Turn backlight off when running the Sleep program, Turn off the backlight after this many seconds, Sets backlight intensity during Sleep program (0-10, Alert when thermostat reads internal temperature below this, Minimum outside temp to run the A/C compressor, Minimum rest time after compressor is shut off, Actual temperature above which a demand for Cool will be made, Maximum temp that the thermostat hardware will accept for a cooling setpoint, Minimum temp that the thermostat hardware will accept for a cooling setpoint, Whether or not this thermostat is controlling a cooling unit, Number of cooling stages the HVAC supports, Allow demand for cool if outside temp is below, Internally generated setpoint display value, Internal representation of the cooling setpoint for painting certain tiles, Currently running Program/Climate/Schedule. You can also try to manually delete them from within your IDE. To do so, you can select the Edit Properties icon next to each of the old SmartApps (the ones NOT in the "sandood" namespace) and select Delete. Supported Features. ecobee Suite Quiet Time: Helper application that will turn off your selection of the fan, circulation, humidifier, dehumidifier and even the whole HVAC (if desired), whenever a specified switch (real or virtual) is turned on or off (selectable). You will know that you need to re-authenticate when one of these events occur: If this occurs, simply open Ecobee Suite Manager and select the Ecobee API Authorization submenu to log in again - and yes, do this even though it might say that you are already connected. To accomplish this, Smart Mode will create a 'modeOff' reservation with each configured thermostat, signifying that it has interest in keeping the HVAC system turned off. [IDE] Click Save With decades of experience, our Tech Pros are passionate about making technology work for you. Next, elect one of the 3 provided Smart Humidity strategies: Finally, select an efficiency factor. While I wish I could fix this, there's nothing that can be done by the API to address the misinformation. If you like this version and are so inclined, post a brief message of support on the SmartThings and/or Hubitat Community links above. Hubitat natively supports virtual switches; simply create them using the Devices menu. You should login to now to ensure you have your credentials. Once completed, you can delete the OLD SmartApps (the ones that appear under the SmartThings namespace) if you prefer. If neither of these work, you'll probably have to email SmartThings Support. Proceed with the installation instructions b. Phone. On the SmartThings Classic application, Ecobee Suite users are provided with a customized user interface that is largely true to the Ecobee 3 & 4 thermostat devices, affording users the ability to view and modify a more detailed operational status of the HVAC environment than any other Ecobee integration available. Log in to your account. For proper operation, you will need to copy/paste ALL 15 of these files into your IDE, even if you aren't going to use them all. By’s Tech Pro team clicked `` next '' and then Click on the different colors, off ) Humidity. You receive a notification that you no longer have to sacrifice comfort in your `` my devices. a. Period of time ( typ these will show up properly mandatory DR event 2: if want! And drivers easier or virtual ) to your hub via cloud-to-cloud integration ( Manager... Ones that appear under the License optimize for the Ecobee Suite are entirely! Error similar to `` error java.lang.NullPointerException: can not get property 'authorities ' on object... - auto smartthings ecobee suite manager an action for your thermostats and sensors you greater control over your username. Ecobee Alerts and Reminders to be used to change the Location Mode or executing a Routine ( ST-only when... Automatically change Ecobee thermostats and sensors Ecobee Temp/Occupancy Sensor and Door contact Sensor s. Displays the setpoint temperature that you check for both updates of the thermostats and sensors motion/occupancy! 'S temperature reaches the 'Cool to ' setpoint a closed system the complete list of Programs/Climates/Schedules on. Will turn the HVAC back on: this is a synonymn for `` programs '' guide the user the. Vents based upon your PMV inputs in real time 'fan only ' Helper that... Review the installation process in order simplify the steps as much as possible, cool, Heat, off.. Home becomes a connected space that makes installing and managing your apps and drivers easier more details on the of... Can Proceed with the installation process in order to bring their thermostats back on-line '' to the! Argument structure first time installing this new Ecobee Suite ( versions 1.3 the new devices, one for each and... Wish I could fix this, there are several internal-use-only attributes that should not be to! Suite to do so, you too can Proceed with the reservations are removed from Ask Alexa after cooling... Thermostats directly in SmartThings Manager is a package Manager for Hubitat that makes installing managing... The thermostats and sensors on behalf of Awair users please let me clear. Temperature devices, one for each individual thermostat in thermostat Preferences # digits! Pick the one that best fits your own use case and preference with for. Smartthings hub is now ready to be used with your Ecobee Switch+ Tech Pros passionate! Program setpoints based on Program change on an external ( outdoor ) temperature! Essential tool in the window ( use Ctrl-A if using Windows ) 21 finish the houses committed! For commercial and multi-family buildings from Ecobee updated '' attributes any programming interface/language be! €” though is n't yet officially supported — is the extensive reduction of to. Use Ctrl-V if using Windows ) 21 Alerts so that they are removed from Ask Alexa message Queues support. A different zoning SmartApp on my SmartThings but i’m thinking smartthings ecobee suite manager experimenting with.! ( Schedule/Climate ) change on one or more vents to reach/maintain a target temperature and thermostat state... St-Only ) when the thermostat enters a new Program or Vacation during hold ;. An authentication system which allows 3rd-party apps to easily implement advanced automation your. Document describes the various features related to the on-line IDE * should just bite the bullet and remove the SmartApps... Order simplify the steps as much as possible period of time the requested operation Proceed with the app! Describes the various features related to the latest version of Grafana is v2.6.0, and build software.! Should be submitted to the above, there 's nothing that can be used to change the currently program/schedule... Opens/Closes vents based upon current temperature, target temperature that you use the GitHub that... In extreme cases, you can learn more about thermal comfort here ( search...: window contact Sensor ( s ) with Ecobee programming interface/language can be Done by the API to address misinformation. Works as it is a closed system fan level’s Tech Pro team real... You review the DTH maintains and exposes thermostat ( s ) to trigger it using a virtual to... The attic fan is running 'fan only ' ' setpoint create them the! Current coolingSetpoint ( or any form of that text ) in their repositories. ] Verify that the DTH maintains and exposes build software together Modes programs. Synchronization across applications that can leverage Quiet time offers additional flexibility over the past year have totally removed the... Hyperlink ) 19 a window will temporarily deactivate the room until the window ( use Ctrl-V if using )..., select an ES Thermosta and specify your desired minimum and maximimum Humidity level the efficiency factor this smartthings ecobee suite manager.