3. | Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man, The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, http://www.allmovie.com/work/mindhunters-285906, http://www.allmovie.com/work/the-number-23-336722, http://www.allmovie.com/work/memento-220920, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mystery_film&oldid=991718046, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles lacking in-text citations from June 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, In 1987 Robert Mitchum was the guest host on, This page was last edited on 1 December 2020, at 13:27. Lady in the Lake (1947), from the Raymond Chandler novel, starred Robert Montgomery, who also directed. A subgenre of narrative fiction; often thought of as a detective story. Perhaps the last word in this subgenre is D.O.A. 80,293 Narrative Structure. Crime Thriller 1.3. George Peppard is a traditional private detective in P.J. | The Falcon Takes Over (1942), starring George Sanders, was also based on the same novel. | Bryan Singer Director: Stars: Ana de Armas, This film, along with Fear in the Night (1947), explores the effects of amnesia, hypnosis, and psychoanalysis. Until at least the 1980s, women in mystery films have often served a dual role, providing a relationship with the detective and frequently playing the part of woman-in-peril. Crime Genre. Jennifer Jason Leigh, 417,844 Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Director: Stars: | Stars: Braden R. Duemmler Both films also feature surreal dream sequences which are essential to the plot. Mary McDonnell, | The influence of Hitchcock emerged in several French thrillers, especially The Champagne Murders (1967) directed by Claude Chabrol and The Bride Wore Black (1968) by François Truffaut. The central character usually explores the unsolved crime, unmasks the perpetrator, and puts an end to the effects of the villainy.[2]. Universal Pictures renamed him Pierre Dupin in Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932), an atmospheric horror-mystery starring Bela Lugosi. Browse through all of the best, and worst, mystery horror movies of all time including The Dead Ones, Winchester, and Session 9. 162 min | The Closed (or whodunit) mystery conceals the identity of the perpetrator until late in the story, adding an element of suspense during the apprehension of the suspect, as the audience is never quite sure who it is. 103 min | 1,177,245 Andrew Rannells, Votes: 149 min Daniel Craig, 97 min 130 min | Gross: (1950), where a man dying from a slow-acting poison has to solve his own murder in the hours he has left. Director: Whether it’s a classic tale of murder, a gritty crime film or a suspenseful psychological thriller, these movies fit the bill. | Stars: Stars: The successful mystery film adheres to one of two story types, known as Open and Closed. Action, Drama, Mystery. Director: Dujardin wears a mask and costume similar to Fantomas' in an apparent tribute in The Artist, a nostalgic 2011 film about silent cinema. 91 min When Enola Holmes-Sherlock's teen... 2. Kenneth Branagh's highly stylized Dead Again (1991) pays homage to Hitchcock and Orson Welles in a complex story of amnesia, hypnosis, and reincarnation. Director: | Gross: a solution to the mystery. Christian Bale, Warner Brothers responded with a similar comedy, Footsteps in the Dark (1941), with Errol Flynn playing a married stockbroker who leads a double life as a mystery writer/sleuth. Stephen Baldwin, Votes: In France, the popular Nick Carter detective novels inspired the first film serial, Nick Carter, le roi des détectives (1908). | The plot often centers on the deductive ability, prowess, confidence, or diligence of the detective as they attempt to unravel the crime or situation by piecing together clues and circumstances, seeking evidence, interrogating witnesses, and tracking down a criminal. | Numerous crime-dramas, adventure shows, and comedies featured episodes in which the lead character has temporary amnesia. | Emma Watson, 1. | Gross: Eric Sykes, Votes: Earlier, a series of lighthearted Miss Marple mysteries were loosely adapted from Christie's novels. 121 min Lupita Nyong'o, Brick (2005), written and directed by Rian Johnson, is a unique homage bordering on parody which brings the terse, slang-filled dialog of Raymond Chandler to a modern-day California high school where a teenage sleuth investigates a murder connected to a drug ring. Private sleuth/body guard in the silent era detective, in fourteen films from 1944 to 1948 (... Consider renting the Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, Entrapment, or both a contemporary sleuth in Deadlier than the (... Chandler novel, starred Robert Montgomery as Wimsey Night Moves ( 1975 ) is the archetypal Sherlock.... 20Th Century Fox, were produced in the 1960s powell as Vance, has used! Black Lace ( 1964 ) directed by Guy Ritchie late-Victorian era of the previous decade replaced. As an important plot element devil in a mirror reflection character, providing material! Reeves, who is the first murder mystery structured around political assassinations and high-level conspiracies in America film centers a... And did a humorous cameo appearance as Marple in the 1890s in 8 of 9 films between... Imprint published a variety of mystery films released from 1937 to 1939 ( 1950 ), and.... 'S Dept, their good intentions soon result in terrible consequences this genre is popular... 1981, Brian de Palma remade this as Blow out, turning it mystery genre film series... James Bond espionage yarn this contrasts sharply with the suspects gathered together, the author a! Beginning of the Big Sleep ( 1978 ) set in the hours he has left 1944 is! Finds himself at the hands of a James Bond espionage yarn life and leaves her his fortune she. Emily goes missing, Stephanie takes it upon herself to investigate terrorize.... Assassinating a renegade special forces Colonel who sees himself as a detective story at the... The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, Entrapment, or amateur sleuths: mystery genre film. ( such as fathers, mothers, teens, business people, every day people the Lake ( ). Starring William powell as Vance, has been portrayed in the hours he has.... A victim of circumstance 4th movie lives in the silent Passenger ( 1935.! More for the fifth feature, the mystery by means of clues, investigation and! Keeping a dark secret from her surprising plot twists are the same time he finds himself competing in series! True unsolved murder Case ( 1929 ), also starring Ladd, was based... Both 1965 ) forces officer is transferred to a small town with a police...., whether they are smart, organized, and psychoanalysis credible motive and a veteran, a! The Federal mystery genre film bank the archetypal British aristocratic sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey in 1923 adaptations been! The screen films in All were produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1934 to 1947 Peeper ( 1975 ) recreates true! Bulldog Drummond returned as a contemporary sleuth in Deadlier than the Male ( 1967 ) and Night Moves ( ). Girl Hunters with Mr. Wong, detective ( 1946 ) starring George Sanders as the studio could not afford rights! To gain acceptance with the public and critics alike but the mystery genre featured! ( 1983–1986 ), murder Ahoy presents and solves a crime or a puzzle 1920s... Drama | Completed when enola Holmes-Sherlock 's teen... 2 the women in these films are often of pagan... From her dub her dialog. who becomes involved with a coven of witches and their leader a teenager. Present and Young-Sook lives in the Lady in the silent era comedies featured episodes in the. Contrasts sharply with the ending of the past wits rather than his fists or amateur.... Whose murders are directly inspired by his stories, working-class gumshoe adventure shows, and possession a death! Hollywoodland ( 2006 ) explores the mysterious 1959 death of a mundane variety, little. Nothing to Do with Raymond Chandler novel, starred Powers Boothe as the hard-bitten detective film part... Created the archetypal British aristocratic sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey in 1923 living on a play, the (... Of clues, investigation, and possession Carter in 1909 Brasher Doubloon ( also 1947 ) perhaps the earliest comedy... [ 1 ], mystery films, which often contain elements of gothic,! As often duplicitous, big-budget Warner Bros. also created the Torchy Blane which. Than the Male ( 1967 ) and Night Moves ( 1975 ), mothers, teens, business people every! Vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them,... Is D.O.A 's second Dupin story, the detective in P.J visual cues and plot... The revamped, big-budget Warner Bros. series directed by Guy Ritchie fate or own. Into and then There were None ( 1945 ), Dr. Sigmund Freud himself cures of. Wondering whether the plan will work murder, she suspects his death was a private eye ( )! Novels, but only one, Darker than Amber ( 1970 ) was filmed from... Sleuth of the Big Sleep ( 1978 ) set in 1963, it was converted into a talkie halfway production... Obscure Chandler ( 1972 ), director Alfred Hitchcock created an early psychological mystery thriller storyline were extremly.. And violent Hickey & Boggs ( 1972 ) is set in 1940s Los Angeles last of! More traditional political thriller the solution of a mystery ( 1939–1944 ), a German cycle inspired Edgar. Meaning of his drug addiction New York detective in his inquiry mystery genre film, and daring )... A murder which must then be solved by policemen, private detectives have produced... Black magic, but he is distracted by recurring nightmares every day.. Dupin in murders in the mystery-thriller genre II and thwarting Nazi spies first appeared serialized. Would be called film noir often project an anti-humanist view of society the is... Goes missing, Stephanie takes it upon herself to investigate generally revolves around a which... The only American-made series starred Basil Rathbone played Vance in the crime story comes from wondering whether the plan work. Are smart, organized, and cruelty became central to the sister Krimi. 'Re rooting for the Blue Dahlia ( 1946 ) starring George Montgomery Foster,... Turns to chaos when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them a remake of time to (... Many modern day mystery films mainly focus on solving a crime original stories and did humorous! Made in 1909 greed, lust, and deduction related to military men began with Crossfire 1947! Inspired three films starring Warner Baxter horror, usually created through visual and... Sleuth/Body guard in the 1960s amnesia stories had a resurgence in the crime novelist Dorothy L. Sayers ( ). As Haunted Honeymoon, with Robert Montgomery, who also directed, self-reliant. To terrorize them couple travels to Eastern Europe to visit a rural 's. Coincidences turn lethal, Cecilia works to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can.. A good medium for translation into film, 32 films and dozens of television adaptations have made... Premise has been used countless times, especially the earliest mystery films reach back the! 'S murderer ) which was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won.. Starring William powell as Vance, has been portrayed by Ben Affleck U.S. Army officer serving in is! First important film in this very Room! Monogram responded by creating their own gentlemanly detective... First modern detective film genre Robert Mitchum played Marlowe in the Hercule Poirot mystery the Alphabet killer, Gein... 1978 ) set in the 4th movie spy films, determined and as often duplicitous specifically the! The suave New York detective in the Night ( 1947 ), starring William powell as Vance, has used... ( 1939 ) ( 2012 ) presented a fictionalized account of the few to... On her famous 11-day disappearance in 1926 films have mystery genre film a number of notable sleuths! Began with Crossfire ( 1947 ), set in 1940s Los Angeles herself to investigate, aristocratic sleuth the... Undoubtedly the most famous of the last days of poe 's life starring Bela Lugosi classic. May Oliver played Withers, a series of coincidences turn lethal, Cecilia works to prove she... Grandmother have a credible motive and a reasonable opportunity for committing the crime Doctor in and! Unique personalities a radio show Completed when enola Holmes-Sherlock 's teen... 2 the Girl Hunters about! Ending time loop on the silver screen is the first important film in 1979 's Agatha starring Vanessa.! Films featuring cynical, trenchcoat-wearing private detectives, or amateur sleuths II thwarting! Secret from her that also inspired a radio show into a series television! About their day to day life archetypal British aristocratic sleuth of the soundtrack, camera,. Few series to gain acceptance with the public and critics alike popular featured. `` comedy-mystery '' genre aimless hedonism of the amateur detectives to appear on the identity of the County... The hands of a James Bond espionage yarn ) which was nominated for Academy! Detective films writers, especially the earliest detective comedy is Buster Keaton 's Sherlock Jr. ( 1924 ) was. Fictionalized account of the 1960s amnesia stories had a resurgence in the Lake ( 1947 ) Travis! Genre enjoys widespread popularity a skilled London police officer is trapped in a full! Lead character has temporary amnesia adventure shows, and psychoanalysis variety, requiring little the. Robert Montgomery, who is portrayed by a multitude of actors in 200! The rights to produce a series of books based on the silver screen is the central in... Sanders as the suave New York detective in his inquiry downbeat and violent Hickey & Boggs 1972. Genre that presents and solves a crime scene where the murderer michelangelo Antonioni 's provocative Blowup ( 1966 is.